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The Sippy Cup Saga

Posted by mommywiz on April 22, 2009

My daughter drinks more than the average Josephine; she always has.  When she turned four, I decided to step up from the standard sippy cup and move up to one with a straw.  I thought this would be an easy feat.  But, it was not a smooth transition; for me.

I went to the store and checked out the selection.  The Nuby Sippy Cup looked good and it had gotten decent reviews online.  It boasted spill-proof-ness, easy cleaning capability, and good travelability.

I bought it. nuby_sippy_1 nuby_spoutAnd, I immediately hated it.  Let me tell you why.

First of all, the packaging was horrible!  It came in a two pack very similar to this package.   nuby_pacakgingJust when you thought we were making progress in the “saving wild life” scene, you open up a Nuby Sippy Cup lovelace_1two-pack.  The package was made up of two, soda-sized holes, side by side, in very hard plastic, without perforations or any means of breaking apart the holes.  Any penguin that gets stuck in this sucker is a goner for sure.  I was ready to call Greenpeace!!

After conscientiously cutting up the packaging in hopes of saving a penguin or two, I took apart the sippy cup and put it in the dish washer.  When I pulled it back out, I couldn’t put it back together.  The spill proof spout is on the bottom part of the lid.  Because of the flip lid, you have to slip the straw back in through the bottom, it doesn’t go in through the top.  After much finagling, I was not able to get the spill proof spout to alight properly as it had been when it arrived.  It simply wouldn’t snap back into place!  So, I hadn’t even used it yet and already I had endangered wildlife by buying it and now I couldn’t even use it properly.  That sippy cup was not my friend! I was very disappointed.

I went to the store again.  This time, I found the Playtex Insulator Straw Sippy Cup.  playtex_sippyIt is the same idea but the package was eco-friendlier and it didn’t have as many parts on the lid.  I bought it.   This sippy cup is the best.  It still has a flip lid and a built-in straw, but the straw is only one part, not two.  And the spout is not removable.  So, when you clean it, you simply use a Q-tip to get into the nooks and crannies of the top part of the straw; the same procedure I use for standard sippy cups.  The straw part can be fully replaced and the rest of the cup is normal.  This sippy cup is portable, easy to clean, and as eco-friendly as plastic packaging can be.  The only down side to this sippy cup is that it’s not BPA free… the Nuby may have been, I don’t remember.

This review is brought to you by a mom who’s kids drink and ride.  Sippy cups should always be spill-proof.

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