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To rinse or not to rinse

Posted by mommywiz on April 29, 2009

puresea_ultrag1 I received Afrin PureSea (Thank You, Afrin!!) in the mail last week to try out because of my nasal irrigation post back in January ’09 (check it out for more information on nasal irrigation).  Afrin PureSea is a hydrating nasal rinse which is supposed to promote clean nasal passages.  It is a non-medicated isotonic product and  it is 100% natural-source purified sea water; which means it’s probably better than tap water.

I was really excited about receiving my samples because wouldn’t you know it, Virginia was at the peak of allergy season and the pollen count was through the roof.  That’s the professional term folks!

Needless to say I was miserable.  My sinuses were going crazy.  I didn’t help matters any by spending a lot of time outside and not irrigating my nose regularly.  I got three samples, the Medium Stream, the Gentle Mist and the Ultra-Gentle Mist.   I immediately opened the medium stream box and tried it out!  I was so excited!

There were two parts in the box, the bottle with the fluid in it and a spout, a different color for each strength (the color matches the label).  All you do is attach the spout to the bottle and spray away.  I went to the sink, I blew my nose and I sprayed the medium stream into my nose.  It wasn’t what I’m used to; in fact, it was a very mild spray and it was sort of timed, so that if I didn’t hold down the nozzle it kept going for about a second and then it tapered off into a fine sprinkle until it was done. You can hold down the nozzle for a longer spray too.  The first thing I thought was, this would be perfect for my husband to try.  He does not have allergies but it has been so bad around here that even he, the man of steel, got a sinus infection.

For the most part, I liked the medium stream one for myself, so I thought Hubs would like the Gentle Mist one.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t willing to try it.  I think it would have been perfect though, because it’s not the mass amount of water that I use with my regular bottle so it’s not overwhelming.

Next, I tried the ultra-gentle mist bottle on my son, who is almost two.  I must interject here for a moment to say that I will never tell you to stick anything in your child’s orifices, which includes the nose, the ears, the eyes, and any other parts you can think of…  babies and small children are very fragile and you can cause accidental damage.  However, Buddy is almost two years old and he has a history of nasal problems, already!  Doesn’t that stink?   He’s gotten such bad sinus infections that they spread to his eyes and he gets pink eye.  Nasal irrigation has helped him immensely.  Of course, he is not very fond of the idea, so I only do it on a very limited basis and only as a desperate measure.

The ultra-gentle mist was very gentle (I tried it on myself first with the medium stream nozzle that I had already used), but it still had that extended one second or two misting factor, so when the flow started, he turned away and it sprayed him in the face.

The instructions say to lay the child down on their side to use the spray.  I’m sorry, but I don’t think they actually tried that with a real infant.  No child will lay down willingly and allow you to poke, prod, or otherwise do anything to them without squirming around so much it’s futile.  I stand Buddy up on a stool over the sink and tell him to open his mouth and say “ahhhh.”  Saying ahhh keeps them from inhaling the water.  This works best  if the flow is short and quick.  He’s really little so a short mist is all he really needs.  Then I use the booger sucker to clean him out and voila, he’s all set!

My final synopsis is that I would recommend this product to anyone who is contemplating using a nasal cleanser but is afraid to try the Neti Pot.  This is a perfect starter and it works very well.  My only issue with this product is that it is not refillable, so once you’ve used up all the water (which I did quickly), you have to throw away the entire thing and buy a new one.  However, it is not possible to make this item refillable as it has the pressure sprayer feature on it.  There’s probably a sanitary issue as well.

I would definitely buy this product for use on a trip, where I couldn’t take my normal accoutrements for nasal irrigation with me or for use at work when my allergies are really bad.

If you ever have a question about using such a product, you should always consult your physician.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful.  If you try it, please come back and let me know how it worked for you!


9 Responses to “To rinse or not to rinse”

  1. Krista said

    Oooh, ooh, I might need to get me some of that! Thanks for an honest review.


  2. Heather said

    This sounds like a good product. My doctor told me to make my own saline with water and salt and pour it into my hand and sniff it up/breathe it in to clear my sinuses. Do you know how hard and messy that is? This way sounds much easier and cleaner. Thanks for telling us about it!

  3. Beckie said

    Great Review. This would be a good alternative to the neti for traveling.

  4. Amie said

    What an honest and refreshing review. I like the idea of the different strengths for different people. I agree that this sounds like a great thing to pack on vacation when you aren’t sure how your sinuses are going to react!

  5. Heather said

    My middle daughter has allergies. This looks promising! Thanks!

  6. Mary said

    Great review. I especially like the description on how to irrigate a toddler. There’s almost no good information out there on that subject. Or at least, there is almost no USEFUL information. She’s right, you can’t do it the same way you would with an adult and expect them to lay there while you squirt water up their nose. I mean, the grown adult father wouldn’t even do it! I hated the idea of it until I had a sinus infection so bad I was desperate to try anything and discovered rinsing to be soothing instead of burning. I thought it would choke me and make me feel like I was drowning and burn my nasal passages all the while. Articles like this shed a new light on sinus rinsing and hopefully give the reader the confidence to go ahead and give it a try! Thanks for the review!

  7. Tara said

    I have SO been wondering about this product. I LOVE my neti pot and have been wondering if this would be an even better alternative. After reading your review I think that I will stick with my neti pot BUT, I think my husband might actually be willing to try the Afrin Pure Sea. He has never been willing to give the neti pot a try but has crazy allergies. Thanks for the VERY helpful review. Please keep them coming!

  8. Emily said

    Thanks for reviewing this product. I have always equated nose drops of any kind with waterboarding so its good to know that there is something mild out there. Ill give it a try as I am sitting here sniffing like coke addict. Tis the season.

  9. Schnarchen said

    Good article, great looking weblog, added it to my favs!

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