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New Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash

Posted by mommywiz on August 30, 2009

I’ve been using this product for about a month now. Dove sent me THREE bottles to try out and do a review! Did I mention that I love blogging?! LEV0902-GRP_BOTTLES_DRY

The three bottles of nourishing body wash I got were a deep moisture, one for sensitive skin, and one for gentle exfoliating.

I must say, I’ve used other body washes before, and it’s so true what they say in their commercial, that other body washes just “sit” on your skin.

Have you ever come out of the shower feeling slimy? Like you never quite got it all off? I hate that feeling! After a while, that gets old so I go back to using soap, again.

But with this body wash, it’s completely different. There is no “slimy residue” when you come out of the shower… and my favorite part is how nicely it lather’s up. There’s nothing worse than lame, non-lathering body wash, am I right?

The commercial says that only “Dove, [this body wash], contains the ground breaking formula called NutriumMoisture which is soybean oil and natural lipids that can nourish deep down. Whatever it has in it, it’s true. After using it for a month, my skin doesn’t feel all dried out like it has when using other body washes. I couldn’t embed the video, but you have to go here to view it.

I really, really liked this body wash and I highly recommend that you used it. I’ve been meaning to go to the store and see how much a bottle costs, but I keep forgetting. Since I have three bottles, I won’t be running out any time soon! But whatever the cost, I will say it’s probably worth it. And if you don’t like scented body washes, the one for sensitive skin is even unscented. They sure got it all covered, huh?

Try it out and come let me know how you liked it!

Thanks, Dove, for a fabulous product and the opportunity to try it out!


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