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A Chocolately Halloween!!

Posted by mommywiz on October 26, 2010

So, my BFF’s at Hershey’s sent me yet another delicious treat for Halloween!

It’s not just any kind of chocolately treat though, it’s special Halloween chocolate!

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First, I got a two pack of Pumpkin shaped Reeses cups. Those went faster than you can say pumpkin; no kidding!
Then, I also received a bag of Halloween Kit Kats!
When the kids opened up the wrapper and saw that the candy was orange, they actually squealed!
Those pieces were also gone super fast.

The entire bag of orange Kit Kats is practically gone, but it hasn’t been my doing.
Yes, I love the fact that the Kit Kats are Orange. But, personally I am a die-hard fan of dark, brown chocolate and the flavor of the orangie white chocolatiness just doesn’t do it for me. But, both Hubs and the kids had no issue with eating these fun treats! I didn’t even get a chance to share them with anyone else!

So, if you’re looking to dress up your Halloween with some fun, Halloween candy, check out Hershey’s new Halloween Kit Kats!

Hershey also mailed me a bag of Halloween candy for our trick or treaters! The bag includes Whoppers, Mr. Goodbars, York patties, and the good old fashioned Kit Kats.
That bag, I am saving for Halloween night… not for the trick or treaters, but for our party!

Thanks, Hershey’s for your generosity and for the very festive treats!

Need some Halloween ideas? Check out their Celebrate Halloween website and get hints for making treats, costumes, crafts, and much more!

Happy Halloween, ya’ll. I hope you have a spooky night!!

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